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Enjoy some of the Auto Income Bot goods special privileges , make them suitable for investment to the extent that established her niche markets ( exchanges ) , similar to the stock exchanges , and therefore we hear that there Cotton Exchange in New York , and another gold in London , and a third of coffee in Brazil , and a fourth for tea in Sri Lanka … etc. .
Are dealing in commodity markets by special restrictions called ” pledges future ,” a contract between two parties are the producer of the good and the agent or broker , pledging the product to the broker to hand over a certain amount , and a specific date in the future for obtaining insurance or coverage specifies a certain percentage of the value of contract
C – economic projects :
Economic projects are considered one of the most prevalent tools real investment , and activities ranging from commercial , and industrial and agricultural , as that of which specializes in manufacture or trade in goods or provision of services.
Investment Properties in economic projects :
- Bring to the investor in the project acceptable economic return continues.
- Provide a great deal of safety to the investor , as has the real assets have intrinsic value , and so the degree of risk relating to the risk of capital Mnkhvzh to a large extent .
- Provide the investor the advantage of convenience , as it selects projects commensurate with inclinations .
- Investor has the right to manage its assets either by himself , or other authorization .
- Have a social role more than any other , these projects produce goods and services fulfilling a real check for individuals or the community , is also working on the employment part of the national labor force , and , therefore, is the source of their income. [7]
Disadvantages :
Low degree of liquidity for investor capital , fixed The assets constitute the main aspect of the invested capital , the assets of unmarketable highway.
D – precious metals :
Investing in precious metals such as gold , silver and platinum … the areas of real investment , has seen precious metals prices fluctuated sharply in recent times, while gold reached its peak in the early eighties , and then returned and dropped sharply , especially when the escalation of the dollar’s role Auto Income Bot safe for investors , and after that it was gold play this role . , and exist for the precious metals markets organization and the most important: the London market , and the market of Zurich , and the Hong Kong market and make investment in the minerals multiple images such as:  - sale and purchase direct .
- Gold deposits which are deposited in the banks , but the benefits of a Auto Income Bot relatively  .
- Barter or swap gold pattern on what is happening in the foreign exchange market in the foreign exchange market .